ENA Carferry

ENA CarFerry, or Northeast Asia Car Ferries, is a South Korean operator, connecting the large port city of Busan, on the south coast, with Jeju Island in the Korea Strait, southwest of South Jeolla Province.

Linking the mainland with the nation’s most popular domestic holiday location, ENA CarFerry operates one of the busiest routes in South Korea. The ships used are Blue Star and Red Star, both equally enormous passenger vessels which were renovated in 2016, offering a comprehensive selection of convenience stores, restaurants and karaoke rooms on-board. In terms of accommodation, the ENA CarFerry fleet has a mix of shared cabins with bunk beds and more comfortable, private rooms.

Busan is a large port city, known for hosting huge tug-of-war events in its Folk Square, glorious beaches and beautiful, mountainside temples, including a Buddhist shrine founded in 678 A.D. Once ashore on Jeju, you’ll find networks of lava tubes, a dormant volcano with a glistening crater-lake, luxurious beach resorts and stunning countryside.

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